New Release Inbound!

2017-06-05 04:33:16 by Sike991

Hello, everyone!

It's been a while since I've made a post like this, but life has settled down a little and I've been able to get back in to the swing of things!

I've released a new track called Decaying Light that you can check out here:

It is also being released for free on Bandcamp in a lossless format here:

Any feedback about the track is always welcome and appreciated!

Moving forward, I hope to be able to publish content on a more consistent schedule. I don't have anything set in stone yet, but I'll be here posting my ideas once they are conjured up.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in and I'll see you all in the next post!

- PivotRedAce

Updated Links!

2014-03-06 08:48:57 by Sike991

Hey there! I've updated the contact sidebar with a lot more links, including Youtube, Facebook, Mixcloud, and more!

Other Websites!

2013-08-04 19:37:22 by Sike991

Hey there!

I have recently created a bandcamp and Freeingmusic page! Some of my songs will be exclusive to these particular sites, so if you want to take a look, here are a couple links:



Keep in mind that all uploads to Newgrounds will be at 192 kbits/s instead of 320. These websites will be offering the high quality version of songs uploaded on here, as well as a few exclusive ones. As a result, I may be posting to Newgrounds less often but I will still be active!

I will be offering a few songs for free to start off, and will probably upload some new ones with the option to pay whatever you want (with a minimum of around 25 cents.)

If you are feeling generous, you can become a patron at My Patreon Page. You will also receive neat little things and rewards for doing so! Like discounted prices for songs, free downloads, desktop wallpapers, and more!

My 26th Song - Alone.

2013-06-15 23:26:49 by Sike991

Hey, everyone! I posted my 26th song, titled "Alone." Give it a listen if you like!

Here is a link: Alone

If you'd like a high quality download, visit this link: HQ Download (320 Kbits/s)

A new 25th song!

2012-08-28 03:04:41 by Sike991

Well, here we are. The 25th song. This is a pretty big achievement. Thank you all for the support! There will be more songs to come!

The song is Troubled Dreams by the way.

22nd Song

2011-10-06 19:55:13 by Sike991

Destiny of Fire A bit different, considering that it is classical. But hopefully you will enjoy it nonetheless. Go check it out!

New 21st song!

2011-10-05 22:06:18 by Sike991

Deciphiron The longest house song I have made to date! Go Check it out!

20th song reached!

2011-06-10 22:55:54 by Sike991

I have just posted my 20th song Endeavors I thank you all for your support, because without you guys this wouldn't have happened! =D


2010-09-30 16:44:10 by Sike991

I just got 3,000 listens on my song Burning Sand I... i really have no idea what too say except that I thank everyone who listened and I hope that you continue listening as I post more songs.